Dine in style with Bendicks
Dine in style
with Bendicks
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The Most Intense Chocolate Mint

The Bendicks story began in 1930 when founders Mr Oscar Benson and Colonel Bertie Dickson produced the first ever Bendicks after dinner mint chocolates, establishing an unrivalled reputation for perfection. Bendicks is proud of its long, rich heritage dating back over 90 years as well as being known for quality and excellence.

Bendicks Bittermints

An intense finishing touch to any meal. Bendicks Bittermints, the original and most famous Bendicks mint, made to the original recipe of 1931. An intense, solid mint fondant covered in thick, smooth dark chocolate containing 95% cocoa solids, a perfectly unique experience.

Bendicks Mint Collection

The ultimate mint chocolate assortment. A selection of delicious after dinner mint chocolates, when only the best will do, our Mint Collection will never fail to impress. A selection with something for everyone. Our Mint Collection contains: Bittermints, Bendicks most renowned after dinner mint comprising of intense peppermint oil and 95% cocoa solids’ chocolate. Mint Crisps, distinguished by their handmade honeycomb wrapped in smooth, dark chocolate and natural peppermint taste. Elizabethan Mints - Dark chocolate with a soft peppermint fondant centre. Dark English Mints – Dark chocolate baton infused with fresh peppermint oil.

Bendicks Mint Fondants

A deliciously soft peppermint fondant thickly covered with the smoothest of dark chocolate, to create the ultimate mint indulgence. Why not treat yourself?

Bendicks history: step into a world steeped in heritage and tradition
Step in to a world steeped in heritage and tradition

Bendicks Today

Bendicks continues to provide chocolate perfection

Bendicks has been renowned for delivering excellence for over 90 years and is seen by many as the best after dinner mint. We use only the highest quality ingredients for each recipe and will continue to honour its reputation for perfection for decades to come.

Bendicks 1988: Bendicks becomes part of the Storck family


Bendicks becomes part of the Storck family


The Royal Warrant

Bendicks reputation for the finest after dinner mint chocolates was officially recognised when the company was granted a Royal Warrant, ‘By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen’. A prestigious, Royal seal of approval that Bendicks proudly displayed on its packs and shops, confirming the quality and excellence for which they were famous.

Bendicks 1962: The Royal Warrant


A phenomenal success

Bendicks developed an unrivalled reputation for quality and excellence, and a new store was opened in the heart of London’s exclusive Mayfair. The elite new store attracted the most discerning of customers. The company soon became famous across the globe as Bendicks of Mayfair.

Bendicks 1933: A phenomenal success


The birth of our unique Bittermints

Lucia Benson, Oscar Benson‘s sister-in-law, develops a remarkable mint chocolate recipe. She enrobes mint fondant, which is almost too intense in taste, in dark 95% cocoa solids chocolate, which is almost too bitter, creating the world-famous Bittermint.

Bendicks 1931: The birth of our unique Bittermints


The story of Bendicks begins

Mr Oscar Benson and Colonel “Bertie” Dickson open a small confectionery business at an unassuming address: 184 Church Street, Kensington, London.

Bendicks 1930: The story of Bendicks begins
Bendicks 1930: The story of Bendicks begins
Bendicks 1930: The story of Bendicks begins