Product development Brand trend recognition and the successful exploitation of opportunities.

Storck's employees constantly address the task of how to make the world a little bit sweeter, and thereby a happier place; a challenge which can sometimes take several years from the initial idea to sample production in the in-house test centre and then on to the product launch. Each new development or refinement always focuses on the quality and credibility of our brands.

The Basis

The initial basis for each new product or recipe optimisation is an intensive market analysis, as Storck is always guided by what the customers want. 

A team then develops a trial production run for the favourites chosen. After that, it's time to experiment – raw materials are checked and compared, manufacturing procedures tested and developed further in order to achieve the best-possible result at all times.

Speed is also a decisive factor for the long-term success of innovations. Storck constantly invests in state-of-the-art plant and equipment for the company-owned factories, and attaches great importance to in-house production, as this allows process optimisation and maintenance of the high quality standard.

The current brands also benefit, as it is easier to ensure that refinements and new varieties of a recipe meet the consumer requirements, and to efficiently integrate new process technologies.

Storck product development: The process
Storck product development: The process
Storck product development: The process
Storck product development: The process

The Process

From idea to bestseller: It all starts with a product concept. This is the basis for the actual brief given to the development department. A team then develops the specifications and requirements needed to create a sample recipe (prototype). This prototype is then laboriously made by hand in our in-house test centre.

The potential product is then tested and above all sampled! The focus is on taste, consistency, and aroma – but also on the way it looks. Details are constantly refined and sampled again before a recipe is finally approved.

The product development process involves numerous checks: shelf life and storage tests as well as consumer acceptance surveys and financial viability assessments accompany the product until it is ready to go into production. Right from the beginning, specific international aspects, tastes and requirements are also taken into account.

Depending on the requirements, we may even build new production lines. The first production run on the actual line is always an exciting moment, as this shows how well the test centre team has done its job. 

This process always focuses on long-term success – to ensure that new Storck products also find their firm place on the market and in people's lives.

The Expertise

Whether mixer, roller, pan or conching machine – Storck has fully equipped kitchens and complex equipment for the production of samples at its disposal. Food engineers, nutritionists and experienced confectionery manufacturing technology professionals work hand in hand. The staff in our "chocolate recipes & fillings" department are true chocolatier artists. Everything that will later guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of the Storck brands once a product goes into industrial production is worked out down to the smallest detail and  is handmade in small quantities.

Storck product development: The challenge
Storck product development: The challenge
Storck product development: The challenge
Storck product development: the challenge

The Challenge

Storck brands are available in many countries all over the world. Their special taste is not least due to freshness. This represents a huge challenge when it comes to long distance transport: ingenious logistics contribute to ensuring that even consumers in faraway countries can enjoy Storck brands of the quality they have come to expect from us.